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Birthstone Guide Medallion

Regular price $2,450.00 USD
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Birthstone Guide Medallion

  • Purity: 18k yellow gold
  • Weight: 8.9g
  • Features twelve stones to represent the twelve birthstones. Tested stones are listed below in order from Jan-Dec
    • Garnet, amethyst, tourmoline, tourmoline, tourmoline, glass, quartz, tourmaline, tourmaline, tourmaline, citrine, tourmaline
  • The months are engraved in Portuguese
  • Such a striking piece!

  • NOTE: There is a surface scratch on the medallion near the August section. Reflected in price

All vintage items are sold in pre-owned condition. Please review photos and video carefully and feel free to reach out to ask any questions or for additional details before purchasing. See photo with dime for scale.